AKC Political Action Committee News
Time is Running out!
This year's mid-term elections are only a few months away, and the time that the purebred dog community has to help elect dog-friendly candidates is running out.

As a member of an AKC-affiliated dog club, you have the power to influence this year's elections in favor of responsible dog owners and breeders by making a contribution to AKC PAC.

The non-partisan AKC PAC combines your contributions with those of others to help fund the campaigns of pro-dog owner/breeder political candidates in key races across the country. So while your vote will impact election results in your district, your contribution to AKC PAC will ensure your political influence is felt far beyond it.

If you have already contributed to AKC PAC this year, thank you! If you haven't, contributing even $25 today ensures that qualified candidates will receive support in time to successfully campaign during the crucial final weeks before Election Day.
*100% of your contributions go toward supporting breeder-friendly candidates. While most PACs use part of your contribution to pay for things like salary and overhead, AKC pays all administrative costs of AKC PAC, so your donations go further.