Champion Pedigree Templates

Champion Pedigree Template

Please Note: There are two Champion Templates. The Regular Name/Title Template and the Extended Name/Title Template. The Regular Name/Title Template will be used by most people; the Extended Name/Title Template is to be used by people whose dogs have and extended number of titles which will not fit on the Regular Name/Title Template

Please check the completed example template for what goes in some of the boxes. The box under the Registered Name Name/Title & Call Name is for health information. We recommend CHIC and OFA numbers. We also recommend you include a phone number or email with the owner name at the bottom of the form.

The photo needs to be 2” x 2.5” and minimum 200 dpi for printing. Once you have gotten your photo set up, click on the image area in the form and if you are using a current Adobe PDF Reader you will be able to brouse to the location of the photo and it will be inserted into the form.

Once you have completed your pedigree form, please email the form to Only one dog per page.

The first book will cover dogs who received their first title after 01/01/2010. We plan to cover all WSS title holders eventually so I recommend you complete the form for all your dogs and send them to us.

Questions can be sent to Betsie (, Cindy (, or Brenda (

Please send completed forms to

The templates are interactive; however, for all features of the templates to function you must have a current Adobe PDF Reader.

Download the forms to a known location on your computer, open your Adobe PDF Reader and access the form.

New Forms are being developed.

Champion Regular Name/Title Template

Champion Extended Name/Title Template

Example Completed Template


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