Grooming The Welsh Springer Spaniel

Grooming A WSS For Pet Or Show


If you have worked with your dog from puppyhood, you may have trained the dog to lie on its side to have feet done. Otherwise the dog will need to be standing on a grooming table and feel comfortable with having the feet being held. Thinning scissors are used to trim the hair on top of the toes. Care should be taken to check for any mats which may be between the toes. Small scissors or clippers may be used to remove hair from the bottom of the foot between the pads. Nails should be cut with a nail trimmer of your choice or ground using a Dremel tool. Have some styptic powder on hand during nail trimming in case you cut into the quick. Trim nails regularly to keep the quick from getting too long. Dogs who run every day on rough surfaces may not need nails trimmed very often as opposed to dogs who run on carpet and very grassy surfaces.


The hair under the tail should be trimmed with thinning scissors. Any long hair on either side of the anus can be shortened for cleanliness. Clean the anal glands or ask your groomer or vet to do it.


We all love the natural red and white, dirt shedding body coat of our Welshies. The body coat is relatively easy to care for with some stripping using a blade, stone, or fingers. There may come a time with a neutered pet Welshie in which the use of clippers on the body is needed for a more manageable coat and for cleanliness. A #7 or #5 blade gives a nice length to the haircoat and improves the appearance of a very fluffy or curly dog. The unruly neutered coat can be managed and kept clean with regular trimming. For older dogs this can be a quick way to groom the dog without having it spend an hour or more on the grooming table.

The Fuzzy Foot Ready For A Trim.
A Fuzzy Foot Ready For A Trim.

Trimming The Underside Of The Foot.
Trimming The Underside Of The Foot.



The Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America, Inc. is a sanctioned and recognized member club of the AKC.



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