Grooming The Welsh Springer Spaniel

Grooming A WSS For Pet Or Show

Grooming Products

I do not endorse any grooming products, but I will share with you some that I have used over the years with good results. Each year I try to attend the National Grooming Expo held in Hershey, PA, in September. On display at the Expo are mobile grooming vans, grooming tools and products, doggy bathing and grooming demonstrations and vendors for all types of grooming needs. This is where I find new products and tools and talk to the dealers.

The companies which have good general cleaning shampoos that I have used are Bio-Groom, #1 All Systems, Groomers Edge, Top Performance, Oster, and Miracle Coat. Wahl has a line of organic shampoos and conditioners. As for medicated shampoos, Dermapet and Hylyt by DVM have medicated, hypoallergenic and soap free products for dogs with allergies and very dry skin. With the advancement in Flea and Tick preventatives, I no longer use dips, sprays or shampoos for ridding the dog of these pests.

Special whitening shampoos that I have used include E-Z Groom Crystal White, Ped-A-Gree Blue, Winners Circle Ultra White, #1 All Systems Pure White Lightening.

No-Rinse shampoo is made by several different companies. This is good for a quick clean-up at a show and while traveling when a full bath is not possible.

Some of the conditioners I use for show grooming and final touches are: Ped-A-Gree Pooshe, Chris Christensen Ice on Ice (diluted with distilled water) and Crown Royal Magic Touch #2. The Stuff is very oily and is a good conditioner to use between shows on the feathering to prevent mats and repel dirt.

Special thanks to John Palmgren for taking the photos and to Kristi Eisenberg for editing the photos for publication.

Sandy Roth has been grooming pet and show dogs since 1972. She is co-author with Eve Adamson of a book titled "The Simple Guide To Grooming Your Dog". Sandy has been showing dogs since 1970 and has had Welsh Springer Spaniels since 1984.


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