2012 WSSCA National Specialty
Schedule of Events
Heartland Iron Welsh Challenge
28 April - 06 May 2012

Host Club: Heartland WSSC

Chairperson: Colleen O'Keefe


The Special Attractions

Wednesday Evening, 02 May 2012

"Evening of the Stars" Gala, Derby Hat Contest
Grand Champion Showdown, All-Around Challenge
Parade Of Titleholders


  • "Evening of the Stars" Gala
    • Light Buffet of Hors d'oeuvres served near the rings to kick off our
      Special Attractions, Complete Menu TBD
    • Cost per person:
      • $15.00
    • Reservations:
    • Cash Bar with ringside buffet while enjoying the Special Attraction Classes
      • All-Around Challenge
      • Grand Champion Showdown
      • Parade of Titleholders
      • Derby Hat Contest


  • Derby Hat Contest
    • The Nationals are being held over Kentucky Derby weekend and so the Heartland WSSC will be holding a hat contest. Please bring your best hat for the competition!
      • The following divisions will be judged
        • Best Woman's Hat
        • Best Man's Hat
        • Best Dog Hat
        • Best couple dog and person, dog and dog)
        • Best in Show
      • The winners will be announced at the Annual Awards Banquet.
  • Grand Champion Showdown
    • Entry Fee:
      • $10.00
    • Judge:
      • Peg Nowak, Bit-O-Gold Gordon Setters
    • Class Divisions (Dogs & Bitches)
      • Grand Champion Regular - under 7 years of age
      • Grand Champion Veterans - 7 years of age or older
    • The following rules apply:
      • Dog must have earned a Grand Champion title before March 20, 2012.
      • Must designate male or female and either Regular or Veteran Class on the entry form.
      • Participation in this special attraction event does NOT require entry in a regular class.
      • Judging will be according to breed standard.
      • Best Male and Best Female will be awarded in each division.
      • The best male and female of each division will compete for Grand Champion Showdown Winner.
      • Entry can be spayed or neutered.
    • Entry Form:
    • Event Secretary


  • All Around Challenge
    • Entry Fee:
      • $10.00
    • Two Judges:
      • Lisa Wentzel, LeRoy, IL
      • Danielle Brewer, Nautica Field Spaniels
    • Class Divisions (Dogs and Bitches)
      • Conformation qualification PLUS ONE performance title
      • Conformation qualification PLUS TWO performance titles
      • Conformation qualification PLUS THREE OR MORE performance titles
    • The following rules apply:
      • Conformation qualification
        • The dog has earned a "major point" win or has finished a championship title.
    • Performance titling qualification:
      • The dog is titled from one, two, or three or more areas - Hunting, Obedience, Rally, Agility and Tracking.
      • Examples:
        • Dog with CH and CD: enters PLUS ONE division as all titles leading to the CD are in one performance area (Obedience).
        • Dog with major point win and RN (Rally Novice), BN (Beginner Novice) titles: enters PLUS TWO division as the titles are in two different performance areas (Rally and Obedience).
        • Dog with major point win, TD (Tracking Dog), SH (Senior Hunter), and NA (Novice Agility) titles enter PLUS THREE OR MORE division as the titles are in three different performance areas (Tracking, Hunting, Agility).
    • Judging:
      • Entries will enter the ring separately. Entries will pose for examination and then gait in a standard down and back, then around the ring and exit. Each judge will score each entry using a standardized score card according to the breed standard; the scores will be averaged to determine placements in each division. Only ties for the top 4 placements in each division will be broken by re-judging entries that will be brought into the ring together for comparison. Similar to a run-off, entries will not be required to perform but will be compared side by side. The best male and female from each division will compete for Best All-Around Welsh Springer Spaniel. In the Best All-Around final judging, entries will enter the ring together as per standard AKC ring format.
    • Entry Form
    • Event Secretary

    1. Participation in this special attraction event does NOT require entry in a regular class.
    2. Must designate male or female on entry form.
    3. Must designate Plus One, Plus Two, or Plus Three or more division on entry form.
    4. Entry can be spayed or neutered.


  • Parade Of Titleholders
    • Entry Fee:
      • $10.00
    • Open to Welsh Springer Spaniels who have earned one or more AKC titles may be entered.
      • Because the Parade is not an AKC event, non-AKC titles may be listed in the printed material.
    • Include with your entry a brief (30 words or less) biography about your dog.
    • Due to time limitations, the Committee reserves the right to edit submitted material.
    • This is a non-competitive event.
    • Entry Form:


March 31, 2012
Entries Go To Shelley Traylor

Watch for details in the upcoming Premium.