2015 WSSCA National Specialty
Thursday, 16 April - Monday, 20 April 2015

Host Club: Greater Chesapeake WSSC

Chairperson: Sandy Roth

Stuffed Dog Handling Competition

We're having a "Stuffed Dog Handling" competition at the WSSCA National Specialty!

As many of you know, the 2015 National Specialty is an independent specialty. We will "own" our ring all day on Friday. So we decided to have some fun.

We're having a Stuffed Dog Handling competition sometime after the conclusion of official judging. It will be judged along the lines of Junior Showmanship -- which means the handler is being "judged" rather than the stuffed dog. We will have age groups:

0-20 years of age
21-40 years of age
41-60 years of age
61-80 years of age
81 and older

Susan Riese has been recruited to judge this event for us. Meghen Riese Bassell will serve as our steward. And you KNOW these two ladies will make it a fun event! And this is meant to be all in good fun. We encourage lots of still and video photography to commemorate the good times.

So bring your favorite stuffed dog -- with a proper show collar and lead, please! -- and join in the fun. For those who don't have a stuffed dog, we will have a few available for "ringside pickup."

This event will be a fundraiser for the AKC Canine Legislative Support Fund -- which is separate from the AKC Political Action Committee that so many of you generously supported last year. The Legislative Support Fund helps to educate people on how to fight anti-dog or anti-breeder legislation in their areas. (And we're doing a stuffed dog handling competition because if the animal rights folks have their way, all we'll be allowed to have is a stuffed dog!) This money does NOT go to legislators in the form of campaign contributions, instead it funds the AKC's education process. We are hopeful the head of AKC Government Relations will be there to talk about the fund and join in the fun.

Entry fees will be $5.00. We hope everyone will get in the spirit and take part. It'll be good for a laugh!

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in April.