By Merrielle Turnbull



This is the newest class offered in the non-regular classes. It's a great start for dogs who need to have some positive ring experience. All exercises, which are similar to Novice, are done on-leash.

Graduate Novice

This class was recently changed to have elements of both pre-Open and pre-Utility exercises. Dogs can enter this class in addition to Novice or Open.


The Brace class is the same as Novice, except that two dogs are shown by one handler. The dogs may have a brace lead, which couples them together, or they may work separately. And, sometimes in Brace, they DO work separately! The best place for this is the "finish" when one dog chooses to go one direction, and the other goes the other way. Pandemonium ensues!


The Veterans class is for dogs who are 7 years or older and have an obedience title. The exercises used are the same as Novice, so most dogs can compete well into advanced age.


This class isn't offered too often, but it's an interesting concept. Two exercises are chosen from each of the three regular classes, with no group exercises.


The ultimate in fun! This class brings 4 dog/handler teams into the ring at the same time, working most of the Novice exercises, hopefully like a drill team in precision. The one difference from Novice is that the Recall exercise includes a drop in the center of the ring. The dogs are called and dropped in the center one-by-one, then all are called to front simultaneously. The dogs need not be the same breed, but how cute would a team of 4 Welsh be!!