WSSCA Breed Rescue

Welsh Springer breeders are vary particular as to where their puppies are placed. Many Welsh Springer breeders have extensive questionnaires which must be completed well in advance (some with "in-person" interviews) and prospective new owners are then placed on waiting lists. Because of the extensive screening there are few dogs that come up for adoption.

The WSSCA Breed Rescue Coordinator is the Clubs primary point of contact for all rescues and coordinates all rescue efforts. When rescues and/or adoptions are necessary they are accomplished through the combined efforts of the WSSCA Breed Rescue Coordinator and Welsh Springer breeders in the area where the dog is placed into rescue.

So that the Rescue Coordinator can better coordinate rescues and/or adoptions and to have a ready list of contacts, WSSCA members are requested to complete the WSSCA Assistance Listing Questionnaire if they are prepared to assist the Coordinator.

  • The WSSCA Breed Rescue Coordinator and primary point of contact is:

Shannon Gandee
Kenna WV 25248